Listen to Marion playing the piano...

Marion playing Chopin Etude in A flat major

Marion playing Chopin Grande Polonaise

Listen to Marion playing (Age 5):

A little bit about Marion...

“I wanted to learn Piano as soon as it entered the house and heard my five year old sister playing. No teacher would take me as I was only three. But I was tenacious, as some kids can be – I went along to my sisters’ lesson and told the teacher I just had to play and could not wait a day longer. Amazingly the teacher agreed. I was so excited that I ran to the stool, picked out a tune that I knew and sat and waited for her”.

Marion played in music competitions from the age of five and at the age of eleven went to The Purcell School of Music. She studied at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Joan Havill as a performer.

Musical Beginnings

She began to realise her love of teaching very early on while still studying music herself. At the age of fifteen she began teaching Piano both to children and advanced adults.

Over time, this evolved into general music appreciation. She found that her own children were fascinated by her singing and playing the Piano. She introduced them to short excerpts of classical pieces which they loved joining in, whether in the car on the way to school, at home when they demanded ‘my turn to play’ the Piano, or with each other, – sometimes using all the pots, pans and spoons as their instruments in the orchestra and all the furniture to dance over as they listened.

Music in the Classroom

Their musical ability and knowledge was noticed early on at school and Marion was invited by the Headmistress to teach the young children there an introduction to classical music.
The classes were such a success that it was often said by the teachers that it was the children’s’ favourite class of the week. They were constantly asked – “Is it Marion’s music today?”.

She aims to capture their attention and inspire them to learn more, while listening and participating in a fun and practical way to great works.

Once stimulated, she finds the music has a calming and positive effect on the children, influencing all other areas of the curriculum.

The Classes

Marion’s’ classes are held in her own studio at home, where children appear from all over London.

When time has permitted, Marion has run several courses in schools such as The American School London


Building rapport and trust with each and every child


Combining the world of creativity with academia to inspire the modern child


Work in schools that achieved Outstanding Acclaim from Ofsted


Bringing A-level music to the young beginner


A long-loved history with the worlds of music, education and children


…combined with fun = the most-loved after-school clubs

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